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Partnerships Support Local Schools

January 29, 2012

[tweetmeme source=LANSystems only_single=false]It is not easy running a school.  Managing the logistics of a medium-sized business, the politics of a small town and a budget under stress challenges all principals. Principals need perseverance and confidence to tackle the opportunities that each day brings, but they balance it with hugs, hall art, smiles and the desire to succeed. And in each classroom, teachers are the glue providing instruction, guidance and inspiration.

A school is an energetic place.  In business, we expend great deal of thought, energy and resource to make our employees enthusiastic.  For the young, enthusiasm is natural.  Just imagine if we could capture that energy and make that enthusiasm last into adulthood, the world would be a lovelier place.

Undoubtedly, children are the future or more accurately – the hope of the future.  They need every advantage we can off to make them competitive, informed and successful.  It takes a community to raise a child.  A community made up of parents, teachers, friends, family, business and civic leaders committed to our competitive advantage.

Recently, the Norcross Cluster Schools Partnership (NCSP) through the annual Gala raised over $18,000 to fund initiatives using a grant application program.  Teachers requested funding for projects they felt were important and needed which may not be otherwise financed. The grants were awarded to 9 schools and included Kindles, a Literacy Academy, Butterfly Life Cycle and a State-of-the-Art Playground.  Additionally, several local businesses have funded programs that concentrate on math and science education and participate as volunteers to help deliver the curriculum.

Schools have many ways that the community can participate. Whether you volunteer your time and talent, donate money or attend a fund-raiser, you become part of the hope for our future. So look for ways to become involved, be an active component and make a difference.

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