Creating an Outlook signature with hyperlinks

[tweetmeme source=”LANSystems” only_single=false]Now that you have your LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook accounts all jazzed up, it’s time to add links to your email signature.  You can make a hyperlink to your social media sites and mail recipients can “click” right to them.  Follow these simple steps to add your signature.  For instructions with screen images, go to:

  1. Get your logos.  You will need your company logo and logos for the social media sites to hyperlink.  There are many logos to choose from that are in the public domain.  If you want to use a logo that requires payment or special permission, make sure to satisfy all requirements before using.
  2. Get your hyperlinks.  Go to each of your social media sites and cut/copy the links to that site.  Be sure that you use the links that do not require login to the site.  For instance, when you login to Twitter your homepage is:  For others to see you, use the link to your account:
  3. Open Outlook and go to Tools – Options – Mail Format – Signatures – Edit
  4. Since graphics/logos and hyperlinks will be added, we will use Word as our editor.  Choose Advanced Edit and you will see a message that an external editor will be launched, select Yes.
  5. Use Word to create your signature.  You can start with a format line above the signature and then add your name, phone and other contact information.
  6. Add the logo, by inserting a picture.  Right click on the logo and choose- Edit Hyperlink.  Add your hyperlink here.
  7. Adjust until you like the look.
  8. Save as Your_Name.rtf.
  9. Create a new email message and check the signature format.  Make sure to verify all links.
  10. Use with all email messages.  And be sure to add logos as you add new social media sites.

For more technical notes go to:

If you have any questions or need help with the instructions, email me at:


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