For business email you need a domain name

[tweetmeme source=LANSystems only_single=false]Create a web presence and brand for your company by using your own domain name.  A domain can help establish credibility by showing you are a real company with real employees, products and services.  
[The domain name is the part of an email that comes after the @ and identifies a web location. The part before the @ is the user name. For, the user is mary and is the domain. You can go to to check the domain to see the type of company, their location and other items that may be of importance to you.

Even if you have not built your website, you need a domain and getting one is easy.  There are many online services that allow you to register your name and even post your site. If your business does not already have a domain name that you are using for email, don’t delay.  Choose a service and find a name that suits your business. This is an important part of your branding so choose your name wisely.

For email, your domain gives you a presence in the virtual space.  Many people will look for your website when they receive an email from you by taking the part after the @ and putting in a browser.  When your website appears, it validates and authenticates you and your products or services.  Authentication is very important because of the amount of spam each of us receives. 

Your email may go directly to the spam box. With a gmail, yahoo, hotmail, free or even the default ISP email account, the recipient may block the whole domain and thus your user account. As an example, if someone blocks then all users using the domain will go to their junk or spam folder.   Spam is such an irritation, that filters and individuals take drastic measures to reduce spam.  A unique domain name is no guarantee that you won’t go to the spam box, but it reduces that risk and is essential for business identity.

Use gmail, yahoo, hotmail or other free email for your personal account.  Even if you have a mailbox through your ISP or work, it is good to have a couple of free accounts to use in case you don’t want to give your work or personal email address.

For business email, use your company domain just as you use your company letterhead for business correspondence. It establishes you as a bona fide company and adds credibility to your message.

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